Chris Mazdzer

Chris Mazdzer is an American Luger and Olympic Silver Medalist
Chris Mazdzer
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SportsPak - It's easy, it provides everything I need in a single pouch and I can bring with me when I travel. I don’t need to pack a massive pill jar, because everything folds up in my suitcase.  I start out every morning by taking my SportsPak, Vitamin D, Ginkgo and BiOmega. After training, I supplement with a MySmart Protein shake with a dark chocolate optimizer. Sometimes I'll add berries, almond milk and it's a great way for me to get protein back into my body after a workout. Also likes Rev3, BiOmega, MySmart Plant protein.


Chris Mazdzer

Luge is a sport that requires strength, lightning fast reflexes and some serious emotional grit to cope with failure, bruises and living out of a suitcase. I started luge when I was 8 years old and to me this sport has and will always be ultimate sledding. Luge is intense, its scary at times and yes I still get nervous at the top of the hill. The reward? That feeling you get when you accomplish something that your body and mind once thought was impossible.

Since starting the sport at 8 years old I never thought it would take me to where I am today. I have been on two Olympic Teams and am currently training for my third. I have made friends from all over the world and also have the honor of representing them as an athlete representative to the executive board of both USA Luge and the Federation of International Luge. I live and breathe luge but its impossible to sustain such a passion if you do not have fun and allow yourself to stop every once and a while and appreciate where you came from and what you have accomplished.

I love sharing experiences with people through sports, travel, adventures, food, everything, you name it. I believe that we have more capacity than we believe and can make a larger impact in others than we think.