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“The nutrition supplements from USANA* are a valuable asset to the US Speedskating team, as our athletes train to compete at the highest level. As a dietitian, I love that USANA takes the added safety and quality controls by providing products that are NSF Certified for sport.”

Jessica Laroche, US Speedskating Nutritionist

USANA and US Speedskating Team Extend Partnership

JANUARY 18, 2012 -- USANA today announced that it will be extending its sponsorship of US Speedskating. USANA, who first teamed up with the organization in 1999 as its Official Supplier of Nutritional Supplements, is the longest-standing sponsor of the national team.

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A US speedskater crouched as they round a turn on the ice, wearing their Team USA uniform.A US speedskater wearing his Team USA uniform and edging out his competitor as they both round a turn on the ice.A US speedskater pointing his finger in the air after finishing a race, still wearing his racing gear.